Man lands in hot water after accidentally calling pregnant wife ‘Cookie Monster’

A dad has upset his pregnant wife after he instructed their daughter the Sesame Street character had been pinching her cookies, and his wife thought he was making enjoyable of her

The husband made a throwaway remark to his daughter which upset his wife (stock picture)

Going by means of being pregnant will be an emotional time, particularly when physique worries go away you feeling insecure and temper swings have you ever simply irritable.

And one dad has discovered the exhausting option to watch out how he approaches conditions involving his pregnant wife, after he accidentally upset her by claiming the Cookie Monster was pinching all of the cookies in their home – when it was truly her.

Posting on Reddit, the dad defined his wife is at the moment pregnant with twins and has been munching on cookies as certainly one of her cravings.

But after their five-year-old daughter observed her cookies have been vanishing, the dad got here up with a white lie and instructed the teen the enduring Sesame Street character was accountable for the disappearing treats.

The mum “loses track” of what number of cookies she eats throughout her being pregnant


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He wrote: “My wife and I’ve a five-year-old daughter, Ellie. Ellie loves cookies and takes it very severely when her cookies go lacking. My wife can also be pregnant with twins and generally loses monitor of what number of cookies she eats.

“Last evening my wife got here to me and stated she ate the remainder of the cookies. I stated no drawback and that we’ll go to the shop as we speak for extra.

“Ellie went to the kitchen for a snack and seemed into the cookie jar to search out it empty. She ran to me and stated that we had an emergency – the cookies have been lacking!

“I helped her search for them however after a couple of minutes, she realised they have been actually gone. I instructed her the cookie monster should’ve snuck in whereas sleeping and stolen the cookies. Needless to say, she’s very mad on the cookie monster proper now.

“I took her shopping and when we were buying cookies, she said we need to get another package to hide in the pantry in case the cookie monster came back. I said that was a good idea and we left with our replacement cookies and our emergency cookies.”

But when the dad returned house, he needed to face the wrath of his pregnant wife, who felt damage that he’d in contrast her to a “monster” – regardless of the harmless that means.

He added: “When we got home, my wife pulled me aside and said that I shouldn’t have said the cookie monster stole the cookies when I knew she did it and that I’m implying that she’s the cookie monster.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal but she seemed pretty hurt.”

People have been fast to sympathise with each of the mother and father, insisting the person’s wife is “extra sensitive” due to her being pregnant and inspiring him to apologise for the miscommunication.

One wrote: “I love how wholesome this is. Your wife is pregnant so she’s extra sensitive (which is totally normal). I hope your daughter will forgive the actual cookie monster eventually.”

While one other stated: “Wife is probably feeling sensitive. A lot of us kind of feel like whales when we’re pregnant, so any time remark that suggests we’re chunky pigs really hurts our feelings. I’d just apologise to your wife and promise to not use that term again, but make it clear you were just trying to have fun with your kid.”

And a 3rd added: “Remind your wife you were protecting her reputation to her five-year-old kid. You thought the cookie monster explanation would satisfy without making a five year old mad at her mum.”

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