‘It’s not empowering’ and other things I learned when I went grey in midlife like Dawn French

Vogue insisted that “Grey hair is trending” at this year’s Cannes Film Festival; whereas Helen Mirren seemed very cool at 75, she was helpfully uplit by about £5 million price of haute jewelry. Emmylou Harris appears sassy, too, however her hair is a sensational electrical white, ditto Jamie Lee Curtis and Glenn Close, who each look fab on the times they don’t look resemble Pat Butcher from EastEnders. Grey can look ace; oddly, good hair days are much more widespread when you cease dyeing, because the absence of chemical substances makes it extra supple.

Going grey is neither good nor unhealthy. It is not life altering, it simply reduces the payments on the colourists. It offers me again that afternoon I spent with my head lined in chemical substances as soon as a month. It’s loads much less problem, however my massive warning could be that it may possibly push sure indicators of ageing brutally into view. The beauty physician Joanna Christou says: “In our mind’s eye, greying hair correlates with thoughts of ageing, but also, physiologically, it is a sign you are are degenerating on a cellular level. Ageing means you have less collagen in your skin which means less luminosity and volume. The contrast of darker hair round a face can brighten it. What we’re seeing is that if people are focusing less on hair, they’ll turn instead to their skin.”

In the top I, too, swapped haircare for skincare. Let’s simply say there are grey days which can be very “Ouch!” when I look in the mirror and see thinning lips, flat cheeks, a billowing jawline, and a far too obvious cranium sitting beneath my pores and skin. There’s no hiding from loss of life on today. It’s coming. Being at smiling peace with loss of life, now that’s empowering.

It’s all a roundabout manner of claiming, certain, be cool, be assured, and – except you’ve gotten the bone structure of Katharine Hepburn – perhaps get a bit dab of collagen in your face. I hate admitting this, and I resisted it for so long as I may, however in the top I needed to shuffle guiltily up Harley Street for a little bit of “help” in the shape a bit facial filler that pulled my face up and stopped it wanting fairly so outdated and flat. Add this to a tan and you would possibly get some attractive again each now and once more. With that, a contact of eye make up and the brand new white streaks at my crown, I truly really feel fairly unbelievable and sassy, virtually empowered. And it certain beats attempting too exhausting. 

I don’t assume grey hair makes you appears particularly roughly lovely or particular; I definitely did not discover the greyvolution empowering. I’ve thought of why it must be empowering, and I don’t know. But Gore Vidal – a not particularly good man who didn’t a lot like ladies – mentioned: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” On grey hair, it’s a superb maxim to dwell by.


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