‘I picked a traditional name for my son – but people say it’s actually an insult’

A mum has shared her dilemma after choosing a traditional Hungarian name for her child, as she has been informed the phrase has an completely completely different which means in English

The mum was anxious concerning the name after listening to what the phrase means in slang (stock picture)

For some new mother and father, choosing out a name for your child could be the simplest job on the planet, but for others the method takes extra time – particularly if you happen to uncover a downside with the name you initially chosen.

One mum is dealing with that dilemma proper now, as she has just lately discovered the name she picked for her impending arrival doesn’t translate effectively in English.

Posting on Mumsnet, the girl defined she and her companion are from Hungary initially and had needed to name their son Nimród, which is a fashionable Hungarian boy’s name.

But the mum has since been informed that “nimrod” is an American slang phrase for fool, and is having second ideas on the moniker as a result of she isn’t positive how native English audio system within the UK would react.

The name cut up opinion on-line, as some people thought it was “lovely” (stock picture)


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She wrote: “We are from Hungary where Nimród is a popular boy’s name, and we’d like to call our child Nimród.

“However, I’ve just learnt that in American slang ‘nimrod’ means idiot, dimwit, stupid, etc. But I’ve never heard this in the UK.

“I wonder how bad Nimród sounds for a native English speaker in the UK. We have no connections with the US and our son would grow up in the UK.”

The mum does have back-up names in thoughts – together with László, Zoltán, and Vajk – but has her coronary heart set on naming her son Nimród.

And her submit on Mumsnet cut up opinion amongst different mums, with some saying Nimród was a unhealthy concept, and others saying that they had by no means heard it used as an insult within the UK.

One individual wrote: “I’d regard Nimrod as an insult too. Laszlo would be ok I think.”

But one other disagreed, posting: “Never heard of it as an insult. Lovely piece of music.”

While another person stated: “Yes, I would use Nimrod to mean idiot. Sorry.”

And a fourth added: “Never heard it as derogatory. Personally love it.”

Many commenters inspired the mum to make use of considered one of her alternate names as an alternative simply to be on the protected facet.

Someone stated: “I’d never heard of it as an insult and thought it sounded great – the mighty hunter – but if it’s a known put down then maybe best avoided, or used as a middle name as Americanisms have a tendency to spread here.”

And one other wrote: “I’ve never heard of nimrod as an insult.

“I would think of the military aircraft. I would never use it as a name – it would be like calling your child Spitfire etc.

“Though I suppose it could be shortened to Rod, which would be fine, though old fashioned. I’d go for László.”

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