‘I heard overhead a throbbing continuous roar and I knew D-Day was here’

Tuesday July 11

Arrived dwelling about 10.30 – Mummie so welcoming. Papa sitting up in mattress in his stunning and good mattress jacket. He gave me a peach off his breakfast tray – O wow.

Papa lunched with the King […] I stayed and talked a very long time to Mummie. Randolph is, as normal, a bone of sorrow and rivalry. He has behaved it appears with such odious unkindness, rudeness and heartlessness to Papa and Mummie. How I hate divisions in a household – for my very own small half, I’ve tried to like R for himself – that failed, I’ve tried to like him as a part of the household solely, a holy factor for me – that’s failed. Now – I know I don’t love him. Indeed I wouldn’t thoughts if I by no means noticed him once more so long as I reside.

One may forgive and condone a lot – defend and uphold him, however I can’t forgive and  neglect his terrible conduct to Mama – I know he dislikes her, however he’s so impolite – and then worst of all – he says he loves Papa – appears to assert it as his personal explicit proper to like Papa deeply and  but he does nothing however grieve him and  beat him up and  deal with him with something however love and  tenderness.

It makes me bitter – I understand it mustn’t, however he’s the one one – to Papa he means greater than any variety of daughters – if we do properly or love him – he’s happy or proud nevertheless it isn’t the identical. “My son” – O God, what’s fallacious with daughters?

Saturday July 22

I’m so joyful right here – actually joyful in my work – and  feeling very glad that altho’ I was born too late for 1066 and all that – I’m not lacking 1944 and all this.

Monday July 24

Lovely day. The church we had been to have paraded to – we, unhappily, destroyed, by capturing a doodlebug down on it.

Telegram for Mary from Churchill, dated August 25:

Following message out of your father please phone reply as quickly as attainable to Private Office. Begins ‘Please send me a telegram through my Private Office telling me about your affairs.’ Stop. ‘I follow the triumph of your guns with lively pleasure. Papa’. Ends. 

Mary has written under: I was so terribly happy when this arrived.

Sunday September 3

Five complete years of conflict. When it began I knew it might go on for a very long time – however I couldn’t visualise it. I stated three or 5 years – and it appeared like saying “eternity”. And but right here we’re immediately – getting into on the sixth year. I thought in 1939 – “if the war lasts five years I shall be 22”… It appeared unimaginable! And now I’m almost 22, and the 5 years have handed – it appears now wanting again – so quick. And but they’ve been wearisome – God is aware of how weary they have to appear to some. But they’ve been great too. Perhaps there lies the key. They’ve flown these 5 years to me – and but – paradoxically they appear a complete lifetime.

Thursday September 28

Gave blood at St George’s – they informed me will probably be flown to Holland. I longed to say – take extra – let me give one thing for them on the market.

Friday November 10

Paris revisited

We left England behind, and then we had been over France… two years in the past simple tears would have come to my eyes – however immediately I simply gazed on the unfolding countryside – the rivers and blue roofed villages and cities, and felt profoundly so many feelings which might sound so trite and banal if I wrote them down.

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