‘I hate my teenage daughter – she’s lazy and we’re considering boarding college’

One frazzled mom begged for recommendation after discovering it powerful to handle her 14-year-old daughter, who lately instructed her brother that she needs he had died so she was an solely baby

The teen instructed her brother she wished he was lifeless

Living with youngsters is famously a troublesome stage of parenting – and many adults battle as their beloved youngsters act out.

Some of the feedback can actually get underneath your pores and skin, and it is worse when the youthful siblings are affected too.

One mum admits she’s virtually had sufficient and is discovering her 14-year-old daughter’s behaviour an excessive amount of.

Describing her as “horrible” and “rude”, the frazzled mum lately turned to Kidspot’s recommendation columnist Laura Mazza for recommendation, after her husband advised they ship the teenager to boarding college.

“Our 14-year-old daughter has turned into that horrible teenager we all read about and dread,” she wrote

“We put up with her backchat, rudeness and laziness to name a few. She is extremely horrible to us as her parents but even her younger brother.”

The mum requested for recommendation (stock picture)


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The state of affairs has lately bought worse, because the 14-year-old instructed her brother that she “wishes he was dead” and that she was an solely baby.

“Daily we put up with her horrible side. We have tried everything to stop it,” the mum continued.

“Now I’ve started to turn my love for her to hate.”

Now the couple is considering sending her to boarding college as they cannot “deal with it anymore”, including that the teenager has “started to cause a major split in the family.”

Lovingly describing her as “kindhearted and loved by everyone else,” the mum ended by asking for recommendation on what they’re “doing wrong.”

Expert Laura was fast to reassure the mum that she wasn’t doing something improper, as she reminisced about her time as an “a**gap* teenager.

She added: “I didn’t mean to, and I’m telling you that because you need to know that. I didn’t mean to. Just like your daughter isn’t meaning to either.”

And she advised the mother and father ditch the concept of boarding college – as it will in all probability deepen any belief points, and harm their relationship.

Instead, she advised the mother and father attempt to reformat their relationship with their troublesome teen – and deal with her as a roommate.

This will hopefully create a two-manner relationship of belief – the place the teenager seems like she’s spoken to in a way befitting her age, whereas the mother and father can encourage her to finish duties round the home as soon as once more.

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