‘Having a baby ruined my life and I regret it so much – I wish I could go back in time’

An nameless mother or father has prompted a stir on-line after admitting she regrets having a baby as it’s ‘ruined her life’ and she needs she could go back in time and do issues in another way

The mum says having a baby has ‘ruined’ her life (stock photograph)

A mum has shared a heartbreaking warning on-line for these pondering of getting youngsters.

In an nameless publish on the parenting discussion board, Mumsnet, a girl admitted she “regrets” having a baby and needs she could go back in time.

She tells these contemplating having their very own baby to not do it – or in the event that they do to do so at their very own danger.

“If you’re thinking of having a baby – don’t. Or do. But be aware it may ruin your life,” she writes.

The mother or father goes on to emphasize that she loves her seven-month-previous son greater than something, however it does little to dampen the regret she feels.

She needs she could go back in time (stock photograph)


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“I regret having a baby so much. It has absolutely destroyed my physical and mental health and it’s impossible for me to envisage a time where I will ever be happy again.

“I was once a vibrant, attention-grabbing, enjoyable particular person with a nice household life and hobbies, objective and fulfilment.

“I’m now a shell of my former self, my world is so, so small.”

She says that if she could go back to a time earlier than her baby was born and not keep in mind he ever existed, she would do so “without hesitation”.

“I wish with all my heart and soul I hadn’t done it,” the mum exclaims.

Hundreds of individuals responded to the publish on the Am I Being Unreasonable part of the location, providing phrases of help for the unnamed mother or father.

One particular person stated: “I couldn’t read this and run. I am so sorry you feel this way. Motherhood is certainly brutal and terrifying. I remember that trapped feeling very well.”

Another wrote: “Oh I felt like that when mine were that age. I think the first 3-4 years can be brutal depending on the nature of the child. It WILL get easier and more enjoyable, especially if you stick with just the one. Hang in there it’s not forever.”

A 3rd replied: “There is a huge pressure on new mums to be over the moon despite the first year being very hard for many, many women.”

Some steered the mum might have postnatal despair and urged her to hunt assist – however not everybody was satisfied.

A special consumer added: “Just for the record, you don’t need to have PND to feel this way. Having children can wreck your mental heath, your body that you will never get back, your finances and freedom. Women need to be educated about the reality and not be influenced so heavily on social media. I feel for you.”

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