Bridesmaid kicked out of wedding after missing hen do to be with her baby

A lady who was unable to attend her good friend’s hen do as a result of she had to look after her baby has been utterly faraway from the wedding – and located out by way of a textual content from the groom

The girl could not attend the hen do as a result of she’s a single mum who could not depart her baby in a single day (stock picture)

One of the perks of being half of a bridal get together for a wedding is getting to attend the hen do – however generally, life will get in the best way and also you simply can’t make the date.

For most individuals that may be a small inconvenience, however for one girl missing the celebrations meant she was utterly ousted from not solely the bridal get together, however the whole wedding.

The bridesmaid defined she is a single mum to a 16-month-old baby, and was unable to make it to the hen do when plans modified to make it a weekend getaway, as she couldn’t depart her baby in a single day.

She wrote: “As half of the bridal get together, I used to be invited to the bachelorette get together.

“Originally the plan was to have a sleepover at another bridesmaid’s house nearby, so I said I could come over for a bit, but not stay the night, because I can’t be away from my baby yet overnight.

The bridesmaid was left “heartbroken” by her good friend’s determination to oust her from the wedding (stock picture)


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“The plan then turned into a weekend a few hours away at a home owned by a different bridesmaid’s family member.

“It sounds wonderful, however I had to bow out.”

The girl claims her good friend, named as “Jen”, hasn’t spoken to her since she stated she was unable to make it.

And so when she reached out to ask what the itinerary was for the wedding, she was “heartbroken” to obtain a textual content from the groom telling her she was now not invited.

She added: “Last week I reached out to see if there was a general itinerary for the wedding weekend (rehearsal, hair & makeup I’ve paid for, etc), but didn’t get a response until today.

“Her husband texted me to let me know that Jen is mad at me about the bachelorette party and doesn’t want me at the wedding anymore because she thinks I don’t care about her.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken, but I feel like so much of this is stress is related to this wedding and the last few years in general. It’s not the friend I know.”

The submit obtained dozens of feedback, with many individuals agreeing that the bride was overreacting.

One wrote: “That bride isn’t grown up enough to be getting married.”

While one other added: “Unfortunately you have outgrown this friendship.”

However, others have been sceptical concerning the story, with one writing: “Kind of get the vibe that we’re not getting the full story.”

Who do you suppose is within the incorrect? Let us know within the feedback.

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