95 questions for the Queen’s official birthday

1. Porpoises, whales and dolphins all belong to the Queen if they’re caught (or washed up) inside three miles of the coast of her realm. What different fish can be robotically the Queen’s if caught in the UK?

A: Carp
B: Sturgeon
C: Stickleback

2. The Queen has owned greater than 30 corgis, as properly as dorgis and labradors. But what breed had been her canines Bisto, Oxo, Flash, Spick and Span?

A: Dalmatians
B: Pekinese
C: Cocker spaniel

3. What distinguishes the Queen’s corgis Monty, Willow and Holly?

A: Appeared in royal portraits
B:  Appeared with Daniel Craig as James Bond
C: Have bitten royal guardsmen

4. Her Majesty breeds thoroughbred horses at the Royal Stud on the Sandringham Estate, and Shetland and Highland ponies at Balmoral. What are bred at Hampton Court?

A: Fell ponies
B: Goats
C: Rabbits

5. Aureole’s second place in the Queen’s coronation year, 1953, is the closest one among Her Majesty’s’s horses have ever come to profitable which celebrated race?

A: The Grand National
B: The Derby
C: The Cheltenham Gold Cup

6. The Queen has been offered with many animals throughout her reign, together with large turtles, a jaguar and an elephant. Which nation offered her, in 1968, with a pair of sloths?

A: Malaysia
B: Belize
C: Brazil

7. The final of the Queen’s pet corgis, which handed away in 2018, was a 14th-generation descendant of her first corgi, given to her on her 18th birthday. What was that first corgi named?

A: Cleo
B: Sammy
C: Susan

8. The Queen rode the similar horse, a mare known as Burmese, for 18 years on state events. By whom was she gifted the horse?

A: The Metropolitan Police
B: The Mounties

9. In 1991, the Queen required three stitches to her hand after an animal-related incident. How was she injured?

A: Breaking up a corgi combat
B: Caught up in her horse’s reins
C: Feeding a educated hawk at Balmoral

10. The Queen’s curiosity in horse racing is well-known. But for a few years she has additionally stored a lot of racing…

A: Greyhounds
B: Pigeons
C: Camels

Answers: 1, b; 2, c; 3, b; 4, a; 5, b; 6, c; 7, c; 8, b; 9, a; 10, b.


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