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Julian is at present selling his newest album, Jude, and went on Elton’s podcast Rocket Hour to speak about his life and music. He beforehand launched tracks Every Little Moment and Freedom, however hit headlines when he lined his father’s iconic Imagine for the primary time ever. In the frank chat, he emotionally discusses his determination to do that, one thing he had “dreaded all my life” in addition to confronting the ache of his childhood and the legendary track it impressed. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW

Julian launched his model of Imagine on April 8 this year, with a transferring accompanying video.

He stated: “Let me tell you know, since I’ve been in the business, I’ve kind of been dreading the day that I’m… Because I’d always said that I would only actually sing it if it felt like it was the end of the world, in many respects. And after watching what’s been going on over the past couple of years, and especially recently with Russia and Ukraine, the people of Global Citizen said, ‘Got anything up your sleeve?’ And I’ve been watching the horrors on TV, as we all have.

“I simply felt, that is it. And as soon as I’d stated sure, if I had anxiousness earlier than, as soon as I’d stated, sure, I went, “Oh my God, how am I going to do this, that honours it, and is different and is my own take, but still respects it in every way, shape or form?”

Julian has named his new album Jude, which was additionally his childhood nickname.

He stated: ” t felt very much a sort of coming of age, I guess. Especially as life moves on, you tend to look at your life and look at where you’ve come from. And especially after having seen the Get Back movie with (half-brother) Sean and (George Harrison’s daughter) Olivia, and then Stella (McCartney) being there. I mean, I’d had the idea of the name before that, but it was just made so that it felt even more right.”

Julian additionally confirmed that Hey Jude was written particularly for him and about him.

Julian added: “Well, it was McCartney. ‘Hey Jude’ was in fact, ‘Hey, Jules’ in its initial stages. And it was very much written about him thinking about me and my circumstances and that I needed to be strong and at the end of the day, find my way through this mess that I was going to be in… 

“I feel I honoured the track and I feel I honoured the place I’ve come from, my legacy, so to talk, my heritage. I feel, once more, now simply felt like the appropriate time, as a result of life is simply too quick and this felt good for this second, too.”

John Lennon had, by his personal admission, been an absent and uncommitted father and husband. He divorced Cynthia after six years of marriage in 1968 and had comparatively little involvement in his son’s life for a few years, even cruelly saying his conception was a drunken mistake. They have been considerably reconciled in John’s closing years, earlier than he was murdered in 1980.

Elton John’s Rocket Hour is out there on Apple Music 1. 

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