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Hungry thief raided car – but only stole Greggs sausage roll | UK | News

Taking to TikTok, Welshman Dean Morris shared his “very Llanelli” story of how he by chance left his car window open, prompting a thief to take a peek inside. However, the thief seems to have ignored the property inside and stolen only Dean’s Greggs sausage roll, WalesOnline reviews.

Dean, whose ‘Dheanasaur’ comedy account on TikTok has 616,000 followers, posted a video on the social media platform recounting the “bizarre” incident.

He mentioned he had pushed to his hometown Llanelli to go to his household and was so excited to see his grandmother that he parked on her road with out closing his car window. The 27-year-old mentioned he only spent a couple of minutes in the home earlier than heading again out and realising the window was open. Someone had reached via the hole and opened the door, but to Dean’s aid his cellphone and pockets have been nonetheless there.

Then he went to succeed in for a sausage roll he had purchased that day but was “fuming” to find it had been pilfered.

In a TikTok video filmed in his car, he mentioned: “Someone had seen my car was open, opened my car door, seen all of the important stuff in my car and thought, ‘You know what? I’m gonna have his lonesome sausage roll.’ I know I should be relieved that no one stole any important stuff. But this sausage roll was important to me. I was looking forward to it. It’s so typical of Llanelli.”

Dean later informed WalesOnline he could not imagine it had occurred. He mentioned it was “the most Llanelli thing” but added that Greggs just isn’t significantly common within the city. “The oddest thing is if you’re in Llanelli and buy a sausage roll, you buy it from Jenkins, the Llanelli pasty shop ⁠— not Greggs. I’d bought it in the services on the way.”

Could the theft have been a present of anger at Dean giving his customized to Greggs as an alternative of the a lot-beloved Jenkins? “I’d agree with them but it’s still my sausage roll,” Dean laughed. “As soon as I said it was in Llanelli, everyone said, ‘Oh, that does happen there.’

“I used to be only in a couple of minutes so it was a really swift sausage roll stealer. I believe if I reported it I’d get arrested for losing police time.”

Dean, who makes content for Channel 4 and BBC Sesh, set off from Llanelli on an empty stomach and headed to London to attend the MCM London Comic Con convention. When he arrived he bought a Tesco £3 meal deal made up of a southern fried chicken wrap, a Wispa Gold Duo bar and bottle of water.

He told WalesOnline: “They took the Duo off the meal deal vary for some time, now it is again on. They’re taking part in with my feelings. If it had been off the meal deal after the day I’d had, I believe it will have tipped me over the sting.”

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