How To Protect Your Car From Theft This Winter

The darker and shorter winter days leave your cars, motorcycles, plant equipment and farm machinery potentially more exposed to theft than other times of the year. Here, we ask Trackershop why this is the case and what people could do to avoid falling victim.

Why is car theft more prevalent in winter?

Car thefts are known to rise a staggering 25% during winter. Longer winter nights and cold mornings mean many people choose to leave the engine running to warm up their car and defrost windows, making them a prime target for both organised and opportunist theft. Add to that having to ditch your vehicle when conditions become unsafe. You could well find a thief got to it before you venture back the next day.

Frost jacking is one of the significant reasons vehicles are more vulnerable to theft in winter. How many of you think nothing of leaving your engine running to warm up and defrost your car windscreen on a frosty winter day? Leaving the keys in a running vehicle is something many motorists do without thinking. Opportunist thieves might be waiting to jump in and drive off. Thieves also target cars, plant equipment, and farm vehicles by identifying behaviour patterns, so you never know when you could be a target.

The easiest way to protect yourself from becoming a frost jacking victim is always to avoid leaving your car unattended whilst it is running and locking it every time you go. Yet it remains something that many motorists do, believing that they are not likely to be targeted, making additional security measures a peace of mind precaution valuable at any time of year.

Winter is the time to review your vehicle security

Alarms – many vehicles come with factory fitted alarm systems. However, the advances in technology mean many new models offer better protection. A broken or outdated factory fit device leaves your vehicle vulnerable, and it may be advisable to consider upgrading to add a new aftermarket vehicle alarm system.

Immobilisers – A vehicle immobiliser will protect your vehicle from being hotwired, hopefully preventing theft. Aftermarket fitting of an immobiliser gives the added protection that keys can’t be cloned so that they may offer greater theft protection to a factory-fitted device.

Vehicle Trackers – Of course, no matter how many alarms or immobilisers you fit into your car, theft is still a possibility. This is where the benefits of a vehicle tracker excel. They provide information on your vehicle location, with many offering real-time updates, enabling the speedier location of your stolen vehicle. They are undoubtedly responsible for returning many otherwise lost cars to their owners. They can also be valuable for more than just theft protection, as advertising their fitting alone is often a deterrent to thieves!

Tracking Considerations

While we would always recommend suitable protection for your vehicles, winter is a time you should especially consider fitting security devices to deter thieves if you don’t already have them or upgrade if technology has moved on. You may also require a greater degree of protection for your existing car, van, motorcycle, motorhome, fleet or heavy plant or farm machinery or have purchased a new car or vehicle.

Fitting insurance approved theft protection devices makes sense to enable easy location of your car should the worst happen. They also increase the chance of a vehicle being located and returned to owners following theft, which helps insurers reduce costs and premiums.

Many vehicle insurers insist on vehicle tracking devices for high-value or targeted car models before offering insurance. Even when not compulsory, many offer lower-priced vehicle insurance if you have an approved tracking device fitted by an authorised installer.

Many added value services are available on various vehicle tracking devices, so it pays to get in touch with a specialist retailer and installer to ensure you get it right.

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