Statins side results: Drug may cause peripheral neuropathy affecting digestion and hands

An individual normally has to proceed taking statins for all times as a result of should you cease taking them, levels of cholesterol will improve inside just a few weeks. Many individuals who take statins expertise no or only a few side results, however some may expertise uncommon sensations within the hands or ft additional affecting their digestion, urination and circulation.

“When all cases of neuropathy were taken into account, the statin users risk of developing neuropathy was four times higher than the control groups risk,” it added.

Peripheral neuropathy outcomes from injury to the peripheral nerves and causes weak point, numbness and ache within the hands and ft.

According to the NHS, lack of sensation or tingling within the nerve endings of the hands and ft often called peripheral neuropathy is a lesser-known symptom.

The nationwide well being physique added that statin use may cause pins and needles.


Peripheral neuropathy, a results of injury to the nerves situated exterior of the brain and spinal twine (peripheral nerves), typically causes weak point, numbness and ache, normally within the hands and ft.

It also can have an effect on different areas and physique capabilities together with digestion, urination and circulation.

Damage to these nerves can have an effect on the best way the physique sends alerts to muscular tissues, joints, pores and skin, and inner organs.

This can cause ache, numbness, lack of sensation, and different signs.

The dangers of any side results additionally must be balanced towards the advantages of stopping critical issues.

A review of scientific research into the effectiveness of statins discovered round one in each 50 individuals who take the medication for 5 years will keep away from a critical occasion, corresponding to a coronary heart assault or stroke, because of this.

The Yellow Card Scheme permits you to report suspected side results from any sort of medication you take.

It’s run by a medicines security watchdog known as the Medicines and Healthcare merchandise Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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