High ldl cholesterol: What is the difference between good and bad ldl cholesterol?

Have you heard of good ldl cholesterol and bad ldl cholesterol? If you’re questioning what the difference is, we’ve acquired the explainer on all issues ldl cholesterol. What is ldl cholesterol, and when does your ldl cholesterol degree change into dangerously excessive?

We’ve all been warned about the risks of excessive ldl cholesterol, particularly as we grow old, however what precisely is ldl cholesterol?

Cholesterol is really a essential substance your physique must perform correctly, it’s solely when you’ve an excessive amount of of it that it turns into an issue.

Made in the liver, ldl cholesterol is a fatty substance which could be present in each cell in your physique.

It’s notably essential in your pores and skin, brain and nerves.

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What is the difference between good and bad ldl cholesterol?

LDL – which stands for low-density lipoprotein – is generally known as bad ldl cholesterol.

The motive LDL has earned such a bad status is these lipoproteins are likely to comprise excessive ldl cholesterol.

So, if there is an excessive amount of LDL in your arteries, it’ll clog them up, which is what we all know as excessive ldl cholesterol, and what ldl cholesterol assessments are searching for.

By distinction, HDL – standing for high-density lipoprotein – is often called good ldl cholesterol.

HDL is thought of good as a result of it may assist forestall illness. HDL additionally accommodates a lot of protein and solely a small quantity of ldl cholesterol.

The means HDL features are completely different too: it carries HDL again to the liver, the place the liver makes use of it to create bile or breaks it down into waste.

But, it is not simply levels of cholesterol you’ve acquired to maintain your eye on. There’s one other sort of fats in your bloodstream known as triglycerides.

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When ought to I get a ldl cholesterol verify?

High ldl cholesterol is quite common in the UK, with Heart UK suggesting over half of British adults have raised ranges of ldl cholesterol.

Because excessive ldl cholesterol could be attributable to many alternative issues, together with eating regimen, life-style and genetics, anybody can have excessive ldl cholesterol, even in case you are younger, slim and wholesome.

That mentioned, sure habits do put you at elevated threat of excessive ldl cholesterol.

These embody:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking excessively
  • Not exercising frequently
  • Eating a high-fat eating regimen

If left untreated, excessive ldl cholesterol can result in critical occasions together with coronary heart assaults and strokes.

You can get a ldl cholesterol verify at your GP or pharmacist.

If you’re over the age of 40, your GP will invite you to have your levels of cholesterol checked each 5 years.

You’ll even be invited for a check-up if there are every other components placing you in danger, akin to household historical past, being chubby or being a smoker.

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