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Ahead of the second spherical, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are operating on two diametrically opposed agendas for France. While President Macron is selling the European project, sanctioning Russia for invading Ukraine and reviving NATO, French candidate Le Pen needs to renegotiate European Union treaties, discover a diplomatic resolution to the warfare in Ukraine and pull out of NATO. Facing these two agendas, Macron’s former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe slashes Marine Le Pen on French radio station France Inter. Mr Philippe slashed on France Inter: “My intimate conviction, which is not just an intuition, which is a thoughtful conviction, is that France will live less well if Ms Le Pen is elected president.”

“It will not be the same in its international alliances. It will not be the same in its ability to influence world affairs.”

 He warned Marine Le Pen can win this election and so voters should take the second spherical critically.

“It will not be the same in its management of the labour market, in its management of social problems.”

However, the former Prime Minister now turned mayor mentioned Macron’s financial agenda will undoubtedly be “called into question.”

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Referring to his metropolis of Le Havre, he says that Macron has propelled France’s financial attractivity on the worldwide stage and that overseas investments profit small cities like his.

“I am not at all sure that the attractiveness of our country for foreign investments, that the capacity we have to conquer foreign markets is as strong with Ms Le Pen.”

“I am even deeply convinced of the opposite.”

On EU issues, Mr Philippe criticised Ms Le Pen’s hidden agenda, saying: “We don’t know what she wants to do with Europe.”

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“I don’t know what she wants to do with European defence. I don’t know what alliance system she wants to favour.”

“I understood that she thought that Russia was destined to be an ally to the detriment of NATO, from which she would like to leave the integrated command. 

“I’m sorry, but I think that for France, this changes things considerably and that it is quite dangerous.” 

Radio host Léa Salamé pointed that Marine Le Pen now not needs to depart the EU – a change to ‘Frexit’ agenda in 2017: “Don’t you believe it? You think it will be an oblique exit anyway even if it’s not written in black and white, right?”

“I think she made a big move because she knew that the French wanted to stay in the European Union”,

Looking forward on the second spherical, Mr Philippe considers the “second round is not over, this election is still very open.”

“We must campaign both to ensure the candidacy of the President of the Republic prevails and to avoid France giving itself to Ms Le Pen, which seems to be a very problematic and rather dangerous thing”, he concluded.

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