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Fewer than 200 asylum seekers will be deported to Rwanda under existing rules

Fewer than 200 asylum seekers would be deported to Rwanda under existing immigration rules, a brand new evaluation exhibits, casting doubt over Boris Johnson’s declare that “tens of thousands” would be eliminated under the plan.

The Refugee Council says 172 individuals may have been despatched to the East African nation final year had the deal been in place then, and estimates that this year the quantity is just not probably to be a lot increased.

The multi-million pound deal means people who find themselves deemed to be “inadmissible” under UK asylum rules may be flown to Rwanda for processing. The rules, launched in January 2021, imply they travelled by way of a secure nation, equivalent to France, to attain Britain.

The evaluation of Home Office figures exhibits that simply 2 per cent of asylum seekers thought-about under the rules final year had been finally discovered to be inadmissible, amounting to round 172 people out of 8,593.

The figures increase questions over the prime minister’s declare earlier this month that the deal is “uncapped” and that Rwanda would “have the capacity to resettle tens of thousands of people in the years ahead”.

The Refugee Council has additionally calculated that extra than 19,200 individuals fleeing warfare and persecution – together with these escaping Ukraine – may be convicted and imprisoned every year under the federal government’s asylum plans, at an annual price of round £835m to the general public purse.

The majority of people that make the harmful Channel crossing would be eligible for asylum within the UK, with most of them having fled nations equivalent to Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Eritrea the place human rights abuses are rife and due to this fact their safety wants are clear.

Enver Solomon, chief government of the Refugee Council, mentioned: “Punishing people, treating them like criminals and human cargo to be expelled to Rwanda is not only inhumane, cruel and nasty but it will do nothing to address the reasons why people take perilous journeys to find safety in the UK.

“It will do little to deter them from coming to this country, but only lead to more human suffering and chaos – at a huge potential expense of nearly a billion pounds each year.

He accused the government of destroying a key principle of refugee protection – that refugees should not be discriminated against based on how they travel.

“If the government is serious about tackling people smugglers and operating an orderly asylum system, we need to see well thought-out, long-term solutions that address why people are forced from their homes and provides them with safe routes to the UK,” Mr Solomon added.

A Home Office spokesperson mentioned the Rwanda deal would “overhaul our broken asylum system, which is currently costing the UK taxpayer £1.5bn a year – the highest amount in two decades”.

They mentioned they didn’t recognise the figures derived from the info evaluation however didn’t clarify how the figures had been improper.

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