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The feedback had been made by Linda Li, a member of the Democratic National Convention and likewise a former delegate for Joe Biden. Ms Li vented her fury at Brussels in the wake of allegations that the Russians had deported 1000’s of Mariupol residents to camps in distant areas of Russia. Europe’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels is a well-known reality and a supply of pressure between Washington and Europe’s capitals.

Ms Li wrote: “EU has spent $16 BILLION on Russian oil since the war.

“The blasted reality is that our allies are funding Putin’s genocide.”

She added: “Putin is attempting to out-Hitler Hitler & our gas-guzzling associates proceed to allow him.

“Addiction to Russian oil is funding genocide. This is the truth that must be broadcasted.

“Even our personal leaders are scared to stress this level too stridently for concern of offending Europe.”

Europe is giving the Putin regime $285 million a day to satisfy its dependence on imported oil, new information reveals.

The information was analysed by Transport & Environment (T&E), Europe’s main clear transport marketing campaign group.

The campaigners have known as on Europe to hitch a worldwide embargo of Russian oil to cease funding the Kremlin’s conflict machine.

Their evaluation estimates that Russia acquired $104 billion from oil exports to Europe and the UK final year, dwarfing its fuel revenues ($43.4 billion).

William Todts, government director of T&E, stated: “Europe is sending over a quarter of a billion to Putin every day, even as he wages war in its own backyard.

“This has to end. But we should not simply swap Russian oil for Saudi oil.

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Berlin receives 55 percent of the its natural gas, 52 percent of its coal and 34 percent of its mineral oil from Russia.

Last week, Germany’s energy minister warned Berlin would risk economic catastrophe if it introduced an immediate boycott of Russian energy supplies.

Robert Habeck told ARD: “If we flip a switch immediately, there will be supply shortages, even supply stops in Germany.”

He predicted “mass unemployment, poverty, people who can’t heat their homes, people who run out of petrol” if his nation stopped utilizing Russian oil and fuel.

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