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Chivalry 2 Beta is enhanced, which means you have another 24 hours to enjoy the medieval multiplayer action.

Consider this the last chance that you are stuck and warn to enjoy the action, as the Shivalry 2 beta now ends on April 27 at 3.30 pm GST.

Pagoda 2 Beta is available to anyone who pre-orders the game on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

If you pre-ordered the game, but have not downloaded the beta, see the guide at the bottom of the page for instructions.

Pagoda 2 closed beta support cross-platform play, although there have been one or two issues during the beta.

Parties are not intended, so you cannot party between PS4 and PlayStation 5.

The developer also recommends restarting the game for anyone struggling to find the game through matchmaking.

Similarly, the team is monitoring the servers to identify performance issues that are cropping up during busy games.

Once you are in a game, you should be familiar with how the game works, especially if you have played something like Mordu.

If not, the video below shows how to block, block, and counter incoming strikes. Better players will also use melee attacks to break their opponent’s blocking stance.

The game’s hustle and bustle takes place on vast medieval battlefields, where players must overcome storms, fire from weapons and more.

“Chivali 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher inspired by epic medieval film battles,” the official description reads.

“Players are involved in the action of every iconic moment of the era – from collision swords, blazing arrows to storms, the siege of the castle and more.”

How to download pagoda 2 beta …

Epic Game Store

• The beta client will appear in your library, whether you have pre-ordered or redeemed any important code.

Playstation 5

• Hit the three dots … then go to the product page

• Hit the three dots … then choose Beta

• Download Beta

Playstation 4

• Go to the standard edition page for Chivalry

• Go to “Demo” which is below where you can go between versions.

• You can download the beta from here

Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S

• If you pre-ordered on Xbox, you can navigate to the Chivalry 2 beta in the store to download. You have to navigate in beta itself; Installing the main game will not work.

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