Madness ‘Sugs’ jokes he was to work on the small premiere of his own documentary

Held Madness which could possibly be the world’s shortest ever premiere for their upcoming documentary series.

The event was so small that the front sugue also had to do this work.

The singer joked that it was an “insult”, organized by Madness in Leicester Square to host the premiere of the first documentary from London.

Speaking on the red carpet, he said: “I Can’t believe they made me work on their premiere. This is an insult. ”

He said of The Doctor: “When we made our first record, it was the 40th anniversary, and we thought it might be nice to do a book, not one that we became successful about, but before that That we be successful, although we were all successful as children ourselves, which you will know by watching this fantastic series.

Saggs said he had to work on the premiere

“The premise of the book was that all of us were interviewed in person, and we thought it would probably be good to do a documentary in this way because not all the members of the band get to say what they say, and I think it’s What’s made is interesting that we all denied each other. “

The documentary will premiere on AMC, airing on BT TV on May 1 at 9 pm, with all three episodes available to stream on BT Player.

Pitch outside the world-renowned Odeon Cinema, home to the spectacular blockbuster premiere, the scene was staged in the 1972 Caravan, originally built for Morris Minor and converted into a cinema.

He was one of only three people there
He was one of only three people there

The Madness documentary will be released on May 1
The Madness documentary will be released on May 1

Three people participated in the star-studded event; The band’s Sugg and Chrissy Boy and the show’s co-director Ben Timlett, who packed small cinema.

And with not even room for staff, it was Sugg, who had to play the role of box office clerk, usher and popcorn seller.

Each 60-minute episode of the series contains a piece of music history, with original footage from past members including Chris Foreman, Mike “Barso” Barson, Lee “Thomo” Thompson, Graham “Suggs” McPherson, Daniel “and Interviews feature. Woody “Woodgate, Mark” Bedside “Bedford, Carl” Chas Smash “Smyth, regaling stories of his 40-year career as a lunatic.

Sugs was also serving popcorn
Sugs was also serving popcorn

Set during a time of cultural and political upheaval, the documentary offers an insight into post-war Britain, which has changed beyond recognition with the band rising to the top of the charts.

* AMC is available in the UK exclusively on BT TV, channel number 332, and also in HD on channel number 381.

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