Duty of Vicky McClure walks Sunny as fans discover the fate of DI Kate Fleming

Vicky McClure saw the world away from her usual line of duty character as she enjoyed some time in the sun.

The 37-year-old actress, who plays DI Kate Fleming, looked gorgeous in a pair of green leopard-print dungarees and a plain black T-shirt as she was walking in Nottingham on Sunday.

He paired the look with plain black trainers, as he took a sail dog out for a walk.

If there was very little sunlight on her head, Tara would also put sunglasses on her head.

To accommodate the deceptive British weather, Vicky tied a gray zip-up to her bag in a chili case.

She was joined by a friend, who was hot in a zip-up black hoodie and gray trousers.

Vicky enjoyed a walk in the sun

His character survived a dramatic shootout with Ryan Pilkington, after being relieved to discover that his character.

Episode five of the BBC crime drama ended on an epic Cliffner when PC’s Ryan Pilkington fired a gun at him when the character found himself in danger.

Kate was lured to a lorry park by her boss, DCI Jonnay Davidson (Kelly Macdonald), under the pretense that they were going to discuss some personal issues.

Vicky McClure
She took her sail dog

Vicky McClure
When he enjoyed the sun, his pal was also with him.

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However, Joe was actually preparing to kill Ryan Kate when his Mystery boss advised him to “get rid of him”.

As Ryan drew his gun on Kate, he was also able to brand her and shouted at Ryan that Joe was watching her in a panic.

However, Kate had already given Laurie Park the address to Steve Arnot, and as the screen went black and the bullets were fired, viewers were shocked who pulled the trigger.

Vicky McClure
She looked sensational in a casual patterned dungarees pair.

Vicky McClure
Fans were shocked at last week’s Cliffner

Episode six revealed that Kate had survived the shoot-off, and it was Ryan who lay dead on the ground.

Actress Vicky has come on the show since it debuted back in 2012, so fans are happy that the main character has not been killed.

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