Drivers face JAIL if they eat too much of their favourite Easter treat before hitting the street, motor expert warns

SCOFFING too much chocolate before getting behind the wheel this Easter might land you in deep trouble.

Motorists face hefty fines, driving bans and even spells behind bars after one too many choccie eggs, a motoring expert has warned.

A motoring expert has warned of a little-known risk when it comes to driving at Easter


A motoring expert has warned of a little-known threat on the subject of driving at EasterCredit: Getty

That’s as a result of of the little-known impact the foil-wrapped candy treats can have on our response instances on the roads.

Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO at motoring affiliation MotorEasy, has warned demolishing greater than a wise quantity might go away you feeling drained and sluggish – and subsequently a hazard behind the wheel.

One of the principal points, he says, is the excessive sugar content material in chocolate, significantly the milk and white varieties that make up the hottest on the market.

Eating massive portions hikes blood sugar ranges which causes the physique to supply insulin to battle the results.

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But it usually overcompensates, making blood sugar ranges crash and leaving you feeling drained, irritable and even dizzy.

Chocolate can also be excessive in fats, which your physique takes longer to digest, which may additionally go away you slower with probably lowered response instances.

While there isn’t any particular offence for driving whereas drained, if it is confirmed to be the trigger of a crash or different critical incident, you would be charged with harmful driving.

This might land you with a driving ban, a vast wonderful, and even as much as 14 years behind bars for the most critical circumstances.

According to street security charity Brake, one in six accidents on UK roads that lead to harm or demise are associated to driving whereas fatigued.

Duncan stated: “Many individuals are trying ahead to the Easter weekend as an opportunity to take pleasure in themselves and see pals and family.

“Tradition dictates that it’s the most chocoholic vacation of the year – with eggs and different treats a typical sight in households throughout the nation.

“While this is fairly harmless in itself, despite not always being good news for the waistline, what many people don’t factor in is that eating a lot of chocolate has an effect on the body that can be a problem if you’re driving home.”

Even darkish chocolate, which accommodates much much less sugar and fats than the different varieties, might pose issues, he warns.

A 2019 examine carried out by scientists at Ziauddin University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, concluded that chocolate of greater than 70 per cent cocoa focus can “induce sleep” on account of its excessive magnesium content material.

Duncan added: “It’s very important for motorists to remember of all components that may have an effect on their efficiency.

“Anything that distracts or dulls your consciousness when in cost of a automobile is probably very critical.

“Obviously, if you are feeling drained or sluggish the finest recommendation is to not drive in the first place.

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“If these sensations develop when you are travelling, pull over and take a break.

“Having a power nap or drinking a cup of coffee could help in the short term, but much better to plan your journeys and lifestyle choices to make sure this is not the case.”

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