Delivery driver feels he is being targeted by ‘overzealous’ parking wardens

Les Hammond, who works doing house deliveries for Iceland, claimed there aren’t any reasonable alternate options to stopping his van and that officious wardens are actually focusing on drivers like him. He stated they’d acquired six or seven fines in simply the previous three months.

The Lincolnshire-based driver stated: “We’ve had vans exterior the store for maybe 30 years on the loading bay.

“Most of the time we can fit the vans onto the correct side of the yellow line, but sometimes there’ll be too many boxes there and we can’t get the van over far enough, so maybe a wheel is sticking out.

“Obviously when we’re loading and unloading that’s fine, and I suppose that if a wheel is sticking out then by rights, we could be done.

“But it feels like it’s a bit overboard.”

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A spokesperson for Lincolnshire County Council’s highways division defended the function of the parking enforcement officers and stated automobiles will all the time be noticed previous to a ticket being issued.

He stated: “In essence, anybody can park on a single or double yellow line while actively within the technique of loading or unloading, supplied the car is not inflicting an obstruction and they’re actively seen to be carrying the method out.

“We always observe vehicles for, at the very least, five minutes before taking any type of enforcement action.

“This is council policy and is deemed to be more than sufficient for some to load or unload an item to the door of the premises they are visiting.”

He added that drivers are permitted to remain parked for the duration of the process if it takes longer than those five minutes.

He explained: “We would advise anybody who believes they hold sufficient grounds justifying cancellation of the penalty charge notice (PCN) to challenge the issue as per the info on the reverse of the PCN itself.”

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