Common Criminal Laws Found in Sport

Many people have assumed sports to be another fun game without rules and protocols. To maintain sanity without losing its entertaining function. Breaking any of these laws would result in facing the consequences with the court. However, some punishments can be as mild as paying a fine, while others require jail terms, especially for severe cases. Hence, it is not enough to check up reliable sports news on; it is better to understand the sport’s laws. Just as in other criminal cases, a felony differs from a misdemeanor, determining the severity of a judgment. Felony is more severe and dangerous than misdemeanor crimes. Meanwhile, many sports offenses that go before a judge highly regard the coach or trainer’s opinion.

Ticket Scalping

Some people have adopted ticket scalping as a business, almost similar to intellectual theft. People buy a sports event ticket from a legitimate source at its regular amount, then resell. Meanwhile, the regular ticket price is way cheaper than the amount being sold to the public. It is highly profitable, especially if the supposed sport is in high demand. Hence, governments set laws to eradicate this mischievous act.

Sports Gambling

The issue of sports gambling being an offense depends on the gamblers’ state of residence. However, most countries have legalized gambling, while the number of people who visited has increased than in previous years. Nevertheless, it is unlawful for student-athletes to be involved in sports gambling. This is because they have a higher chance of giving odds to course-mates. Also, any professional athlete caught in allying with bookmakers will be judged by the law.

Sports Bribery and Game Fixing

This describes a high level of corruption discovered in sports games. When coaches or trainers participate in this crime, it attracts charges, negatively affecting their career. In most cases, professional sports officials alter a game because of a bet or spread they had placed. However, game alteration is primarily possible in table games with little attention from the audience.

Assault and Battery

This is a major crime found in sports activities, especially field games. It happens when an opponent intentionally hits another. For instance, when a player chooses to use the hockey stick on another player’s body, it leads to a great injury. Meanwhile, the battery is a term used to describe a successful assault. This is mostly when the offender gets physical with another player. When the assault is deadly involving utilizing a weapon, the case is rendered before the court.


There is an imbalance in the jurisdiction system concerning sport-related matters. This has been a subject of argument over the years, as some people believe misconducts that happen on the field should not be presented before a state or federal judge. This set of people thinks an organization or sports league is best positioned to serve the offended justice. Nevertheless, violent or social misconduct is not neglected on and off the field. For example, the court is responsible for sentencing any athlete guilty of sexual abuse to the opposite gender. This remains a punishable offense in the law, alongside many other crimes.

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