Car tax: Drivers vow to boycott Scottish cities banning petrol and diesel cars

The low emissions zone (LEZ) in Glasgow metropolis centre will likely be expanded subsequent June to embrace all automobiles with just a few exceptions – but it surely implies that hundreds of extra polluting petrol and diesel automobiles will face heavy fines of £60 for driving within the space.

The transfer has appalled drivers north of the border who imagine it’s the results of politicians just like the Green and Scottish National Parties implementing money-raising measures with out contemplating knock-on results.

Many assume that it’ll lead to the centre of Glasgow changing into desolate, with retailers closing and taxi drivers having no business.

Others have promised they’ll by no means go to the town as soon as the zone is carried out. readers commented in droves on the measures.

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Other readers had recommendations as to how to react to the controversial proposals.

‘Rickbear’ stated: “The other option would be for every owner of a petrol or diesel car who will be affected to organise a mass protest.

“Everyone drive into the zone and stop. Dead stop. Bring the whole city to a standstill between 8am and 6pm. Refuse to pay any fines. Then keep repeating this on fixed dated. There aren’t enough tow-trucks to remove the obstruction.

“The courts will be overwhelmed. And the prisons could not possibly hold the numbers. Then you’d be showing ‘the will of the people’, which is what councillors and politicians are supposed to uphold.”

‘Sentemontale’ stated: “The answer is simple. Come the May elections, vote anyone you wish for on the electoral candidate list, EXCEPT any SNP candidate.

“These people are toxic to the health and lifeblood of this nation. The sooner they and their unelected cronies are removed the better.”

While ’Servative’ claimed: “Don’t you worry folks, because despite all this nonsense, the control freaks will still get re-elected.

“That’s because of their very special voting system in Scotland: it’s not how you vote that counts, it’s who counts the vote that counts.”

The concern over what is going to occur to the retail business in Glasgow was echoed by ‘Fatcateatsalot’ who wrote: “Many businesses are still recovering from lockdown. Cut footfall by these insane taxes on the middle to lower classes cos the rich can afford EVs, it will kill off more businesses.

“This in turn will be more unemployment and more cost to the Government or am I the only one who sees this…”

‘Whitworth1’ agreed, saying: “Cities have enough problems with lack of retail footfall as it is. Banning personal transports will kill them completely.”

Three different main cities in Scotland have already got, or will likely be implementing LEZs, they’re Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

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