Cancer: Symptoms may include cramps in the thigh, calf, ankle and foot

Cancer can happen anyplace in the physique as long as cells purchase the means to proliferate. This can occur in each organ tissue or cells, and signs will often maintain clues as to which is affected. If a tumour is rising inside a muscle, or presses in opposition to it, it might trigger cramping in a number of physique elements. Four areas, nevertheless, are extra liable to cramps.

According to the Cancer Centre: “Persistent cramping of the leg and other muscles is a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatment, especially at night, which may affect sleep.”

When a cramp happens it’s usually as a result of a muscle is tightening out of the blue, inflicting a sensation of tightness, or stiffness.

“It may make it hard to move the muscle, but it usually lasts only a few minutes,” notes the Cancer Centre.

“It’s most common in the leg – thigh, calf, ankle or foot – but may happen in any muscle including in the hands, arms, abdomen and along the rib cage.”

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Myalgia, which refers to the aching of the muscle tissues, often accompanies cramping.

Although the signs can happen independently, it’s not unusual for aching to observe contractions of the muscle.

The depth of this vary extensively, from delicate to extreme, or someplace in between.

When a cramp is attributable to most cancers itself, it typically alerts {that a} tumour has been rising in the muscle.


These forms of cancers are known as soft-tissue sarcoma, which is comparatively uncommon.

Alternatively, a tumour that may develop inside the tissue of an organ and press in opposition to a muscle, inflicting cramps.

The third kind of most cancers recognized to trigger myalgia impacts blood cells.

“Cancers that cause the body to make too many white blood cells, such as certain types of leukaemia” may cause muscle aches, explains

The American Society recommends staying alert to sudden ache or discomfort in the leg and foot.

Alternatively, the physique says you may discover you might be having hassle shifting your foot, on account of ache when shifting it.

“Changes in your quality of sleep” may additionally change into an issue if the leg cramps strike throughout the night time, notes the American Society.

Because cramp is an involuntary forceful muscle contraction, it may be arduous to foretell when it should subside.

The “intense gripping” sensations that characterise cramps ought to subside, as soon as the contraction eases, however typically a uninteresting ache will linger.

It is price noting that the majority of sufferers who current with cramps discover their signs aren’t associated to most cancers.

Other frequent causes can include extended intervals of inactivity, dehydration, adjustments in surrounding temperature, or overuse of muscle tissues, to call a number of.

Any persistent bodily adjustments that arouse suspicion, nevertheless, ought to be checked by a GP.

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