Execute ex-traveler’s name as interactive investor Wilson ahead of IPO Business News

A former chief executive of Travelport is to become chairman of Interactive Investor, a retail funds platform preparing for a bumper London stock market listing.

Sky News has revealed that Gordon Wilson, who led Travelport’s New York Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2014 and has recently been a non-executive director of William Hill, subject to approval by the Financial Conduct Authority II subject Will take the helm of.

According to insiders, his appointment was announced on Wednesday morning.

There has been an upsurge in trade during the pandemic in the region

Mr. Wilson’s hiring as the successor to Hugo Van Weidenberch provides the clearest indication to date of II’s confirmed plans to swim in the next 18 months.

Insiders reported that investment bankers had not yet been hired for the IPO, and that a formal decision to proceed with one had not yet been taken.

The company has been transformed in recent years under the majority of private equity firm Jessie Flowers.

It is now the second-largest fund supermarket behind Hargreaves Lansdowne, and its chief executive, Richard Wilson, has repeatedly talked about it being a natural long-term home for II of Public Markets.

Flotation of AJ Bell, Another competitor, has also underscored the investor appetite for the sector, which has been affected by the boom in trade during the epidemic.

II now has assets of around £ 50bn in administration and 400,000 customers, successfully building the business through integrated acquisitions.

A second spokesman declined to comment before an external announcement about Mr. Wilson’s appointment.

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