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Brothers’ joy at joining new school after fleeing Ukraine war horror | UK | News

They crossed into Poland after queuing for 10 hours at the border earlier than driving by Europe and arriving in Liverpool, through Ireland and Belfast, at the beginning of March. They have since utilized for asylum and are actually dwelling in a single resort room in east London. After assist from well-wishers and Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz, eldest boys Vlad, 14, and Roman, 12, acquired locations at Cumberland Community School in London’s Forest Gate.

They met new classmates and lecturers final week and got uniforms, laptops and books, paid for by the school.

The school, a part of the Community Schools Trust, is famend for serving to pupils win scholarships to fee-paying faculties together with Eton. Little brother Tymofii, 4, will go to a close-by major.

Mum Oksana stated the boys now had some normality. “I cannot express my thanks for what this school and the people have done for us. I didn’t expect all they have given us. My boys will be the most respectful best students and will do their work. I will make sure of this as their mother.”

Vlad stated: “I can’t wait to start making friends and I want to join the football team. I will miss my friends at home but I am sure I can make new friends here. Everyone has been really nice to us so far.”

Roman added: “I am very happy to be given a place at such a nice school.”

Headteacher Omar Deria stated the boys will get one-to-one English classes, catch-up tuition and assist with their wellbeing and psychological well being.

Dad Dmytro, who had a swimming pool agency in Kyiv, stated: “I am so grateful to the British Government and people for their kindness and welcome. But all I want to do is go home. I pray this war is over soon.”

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