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Boris Johnson information: ‘Lonely Boris’ DEBUNKED after Twitter meltdown over EU snub | UK | News

A clip of EU leaders greeting each other cheerfully earlier than the beginning of the NATO summit went viral right now as Mr Johnson appeared alone, standing awkwardly along with his arms in his pockets. Ahead of the NATO household picture the Prime Minister may very well be seen trying round aimlessly, whereas different leaders shook arms with each other. French President Emmanuel Macron, who has had tense dealings with Mr Johnson in current months, was only some ft behind the Prime Minister, smiling and greeting fellow EU leaders. 

Social media naturally went into meltdown on the sight of Mr Johnson showing so remoted from his European counterparts.

Twitter person, Mr Storm Chaser, overdubbed a clip of the incident with Bobby Vinton’s Sixties traditional ‘Mr Lonely’, with the caption: “World leading? I think not.”

He then commented: “Boris Johnson could have walked about a bit more and shook hands with others and showed some leadership.

“Instead he decided to hang around on his own, looking lost. 

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“I think he expected the other leaders would be chasing after him or something.”

However, the viral clip from the NATO summit was subsequently debunked.

An extended video posted by Forbes noticed Mr Johnson partaking in a light-weight dialog earlier than approaching Mr Macron and cheerfully shaking arms with the French Prime Minister. 

In response to the contextualised clip, Twitter person Leon sarcastically mentioned: “Ah yes, poor lonely Boris. 

He added: “Context is King.”

The UK’s relationship with quite a few EU member states has been fraught with stress since 2016’s Brexit referendum. 

Mr Johnson and Mr Macron particularly have didn’t see eye to eye in current months.

The French President reportedly erupted with anger after the UK signed a army pact with the US and Australia which pushed France out of a serious contract with the antipodean nation. 

Months later, Mr Macron even allegedly known as Mr Johnson “a clown” in a personal dialog. 

NATO met for an emergency summit upon Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine to resolve how finest to answer Russia’s act of aggression in opposition to its neighbour.

In a pre-recorded video convention, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky requested that NATO present “effective and unrestricted” help for Ukraine, together with any weapons wanted by the nation. 

Mr Zelensky warned: “[Russia] wants to go further against eastern members of NATO, the Baltic states and Poland for sure.”

He added: “But NATO has yet to show what the alliance can do to save people.”

Speaking earlier than the summit, Mr Johnson insisted that additional sanctions wanted to be imposed in opposition to Russia, and mentioned that Putin had doubled down on his “path of violence and aggression”.

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