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Boris Johnson news – dwell: Cummings calls PM ‘sociopathic narcissist’ as partygate fines issued

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PM inspired media assaults on junior civil servants


Dominic Cummings has branded Boris Johnson a “sociopathic narcissist” after accusing him of encouraging assaults on junior civil servants over the Partygate scandal to guard himself and his spouse, Carrie.

In his newest weblog publish, the prime minister’s former senior aide claims senior officers had “turned a blind eye” to Mr Johnson’s behaviour.

His newest claims come after mounted penalty notices had been issued to workers who broke lockdown guidelines.

On Friday, Downing Street officers acquired an e mail saying they had been being fined £50 for attending events, simply days after the Met Police introduced they had been handing out the notices.

According to The Telegraph, a leaving do for a Downing Street personal secretary was the primary social gathering the place attendees have acquired fines.


Jonathan Reynolds: Government ought to think about plans to ration power provides within the UK

When requested whether or not the UK must be ready to ration oil and gasoline, the shadow business secretary informed Clive Myrie on BBC One’s Sunday Morning programme: “We should be making those plans and the government should be preparing, not necessarily in public, for that situation.

“There’s a lot of complacency in this country about the relative lower exposure to Russian gas that we have.

“But we should bear in mind that part of the supply that comes to this country from, for instance, Norway or from the liquefied natural gas that goes into the terminals and wells, that is partly because Russian gas is fulfilling the demands of central Europe.

“I think what the Government should announce is a plan which is not simply shopping from one authoritarian regime to the next for fossil fuels, but that long-term plan on renewables or nuclear and energy efficiency that would make the difference.

“But let’s be clear, we’re looking at the images coming out of Ukraine right now, I don’t think we should be talking about going back to business as usual where we just buy large quantities of fossil fuels.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 10:33


Shadow business secretary says he ‘feels angry’ on the scale of the residing disaster

Speaking on BBC One’s Sunday Morning programme with Clive Myrie, he mentioned: “I sit here this morning and I feel angry at the scale of the crisis people in this country are facing and the lack of response from Government in the spring statement – and promises on things and announcements in the future just won’t cut it.

“We have set out that windfall tax that would give households a huge amount of help, relative to what the Government are doing – up to £600 for households who are most affected by energy prices.

“But we put in that a contingency fund for businesses, a £600 million contingency fund for businesses which is necessary because all businesses are exposed to these higher energy prices, but for energy intensives the situation is so extreme that some of them are even considering – are they competitive, can they continue production?

“Of course when you add that to the national insurance rise that the Government went ahead with in the spring statement, this is a really serious situation.

“The energy statement will deal with long-term issues of supply as I understand it, it will not be about help now, and the Government has to understand the scale of this crisis.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 10:15


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps mentioned he doesn’t “favour a vast increase in onshore wind farms”

Asked if planning legal guidelines must be relaxed to permit for extra onshore wind farms, Mr Shapps informed Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme: “I don’t favour a vast increase in onshore wind farms, for pretty obvious reasons – they sit on the hills there and can create something of an eyesore for communities as well as actual problems of noise as well.

“So I think for reasons of environmental protection, the way to go with this is largely, not entirely, but largely off-sea.”

Grant Shapps assaults new onshore wind generators as ‘eyesore on the hills’

Pressed on whether or not which means the concept of a “big increase in the number of onshore wind farms” is “effectively off the table for now”, he mentioned: “I’d urge you to wait for the energy strategy later in the week. But my thinking is what you really want to do is develop in other ways – nuclear, we will have offshore wind. I don’t think you want a huge expansion of onshore wind.

“There may be cases where it makes sense, but I think by and large we’ve established… that offshore works very well. And by the way, it’s providing quite a lot of our electricity already.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 10:03


Shadow business secretary says Government ‘hasn’t achieved sufficient’ to deal with rising power payments

Shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds mentioned the Government “hasn’t done enough” to deal with rising power payments and the broader price-of-residing disaster.

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday about proposals for investing in nuclear power, he mentioned: “I think none of that should be used as a smokescreen to get away from the real issue, which is, right now, the cost of living is absolutely extreme.

“Energy bills are a huge part of that, and the government hasn’t done enough. There’s no way they can say they have done enough – the scheme they put forward, I think, where the Chancellor has offered to lend us our own money and pay it back over five years, is completely unrealistic and doesn’t meet the scale of the challenge.

“What we want to do of course is that windfall tax, offer people real support – £600 for over one-third of households off their energy bills – because that’s the scale of what is required.

“Whatever the long-term energy strategy the Government will unveil, it can’t get away from the fact they’ve got to take some action now to help people.”

Jonathan Reynolds mentioned he helps funding in additional nuclear power to assist abate the rising price of family payments.

Shadow business secretary says Government ‘hasn’t achieved sufficient’ to deal with rising power payments

The shadow business secretary informed Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “We do support more nuclear in the system alongside that development of renewables.

“I think the danger is that, frankly the individual commissioning decisions on nuclear reactors all depend on the price you can achieve – they can be very expensive if you haven’t been able to get the right deal and the right private sector partners to do that.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 09:39


Tory MP David Warburton suspended amid claims about his conduct

Tory MP, David Warburton has been suspended after allegations referring to sexual harassment.

The MP for Somerton and From has had the Tory whip eliminated after receiving formal complaints from two ladies, who accused him of undesirable sexual feedback and sexual touching.

Mr Warburton denies any wrongdoing and informed the Sunday Telegraph: “I have enormous amounts of defence, but unfortunately the way that things work means that doesn’t come out first.

“I have heard nothing whatsoever from the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme. I’m sorry, I can’t comment any further.”

Chiara Giordano has extra right here:

(UK Parliament/PA)

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 09:27


MP calls on Rishi Sunak to introduce emergency price range because of price of residing disaster

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged to set out an emergency price range to assist thousands and thousands throughout the UK who face being “plunged into poverty and hardship” as a results of the price of residing disaster.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss demanded motion from the UK authorities, as individuals throughout the nation noticed each power payments and nationwide insurance coverage funds rise.

Ms Thewliss, the SNP’s Treasury spokeswoman at Westminster, insisted the current spring assertion from Chancellor had been a “deliberate choice” by the federal government to “ignore the Tory cost-of-living crisis brewing under its watch”.

She added that individuals couldn’t wait till the price range within the autumn for assist from ministers. She known as on Mr Sunak to carry ahead an emergency price range, saying this could convert the current £200 mortgage introduced to assist individuals with rising power payments right into a “more generous grant”.

The SNP additionally demanded the rise in nationwide insurance coverage contributions must be scrapped, and mentioned the £20 uplift to Universal Credit must be reinstated.

VAT on power payments ought to both be lowered or eliminated altogether, with the SNP additionally calling on the UK Government to comply with the instance of Scottish ministers and uprate profit funds by 6 per cent.

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 09:08


Kwarteng: UK may build seven new nuclear energy stations amid power disaster

“There is a world where we have six or seven sites in the UK” by 2050, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng informed The Sunday Telegraph.

The UK may build as much as seven new nuclear energy stations in an effort to extend homegrown power provide after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This is part of the federal government’s goals to increase its present dedication to again one giant-scale nuclear energy station by 2024, which is but to be introduced by the PM.

Previous reviews have instructed that Boris Johnson and Mr Kwarteng have clashed with Rishi Sunak over funding for brand spanking new vegetation.

Emily Atkinson has extra right here:

(PA Wire)

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 08:54


Dominic Cummings accuses PM of encouraging media assaults on junior workers over ‘partygate’

Days after officers at Downing Street had been issued fines in relation to the “Partygate” scandal, Dominic Cummings has claimed that the prime minister inspired media assaults on junior workers to guard him and his spouse, Carrie’s, fame.

In an excerpt of his newest weblog publish shared on Twitter, Mr Cummings mentioned: “It is deeply, deeply contemptible that not just the PM but senior civil servants have allowed such people to have their reputations attacked in order to protect the sociopathic narcissist squatting in the No 10 flat.

“Not just ‘allowed’ – everybody at the centre of events also knows that the PM encouraged the media attacks on junior officials in order to divert the lobby’s attention from him and Carrie breaking the law. Some very senior officials have turned a blind eye.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 08:29


Kwarteng: Community consent should lead any resolution on fracking or onshore wind

Any resolution on the function of fracking and onshore wind within the Government’s power technique might be made with a “large measure of local consent”, the Business Secretary has mentioned.

Speaking forward of the anticipated launch of the technique on Thursday, Kwasi Kwarteng informed the Sunday Telegraph that native opposition to both choice might be taken under consideration.

“The thing with onshore wind and with fracking is that it has to be community consent,” he mentioned.

“We don’t live in a totalitarian country where the Government, the man or woman in Whitehall, can say ‘Right, we’re going to do this’, without some large measure of consent from local communities. And in both of those technologies, frankly, there has been considerable local opposition.

“That doesn’t mean to say we’re shutting the door on both, but it does mean that any movement has to have a large measure of local consent.”

He added that, whereas he could be comfy residing subsequent to a set of wind generators, that may not overrule any native dissent.

“It’s not up to me, it doesn’t matter what I think,” he mentioned.

“If there’s a plan in a particular community, it’s what they think that matters. It’s not my aesthetic preference that’s going to determine it.”

Aisha Rimi3 April 2022 08:06

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