Biden blasted after Boris visits Kyiv to meet Zelensky – ‘Fitting for each of them!’ | World | News

The forty sixth US President got here underneath fireplace after the UK Prime Minister visited the Ukrainian capital over the weekend. Boris Johnson obtained reward from many for embarking on the go to, together with from Tory MP Shaun Bailey.

The Red Wall MP stated: “A true display of leadership from @BorisJohnson.

“We will proceed to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine as they struggle for freedom and get up to tyranny and oppression.”

Defence of Ukraine added: “At a handshake distance. @BorisJohnson and @ZelenskyyUa walked by means of the centre of Kyiv and talked to abnormal Kyivans.

“This is what democracy looks like.

“This is what braveness seems like.

“This is what true friendship between peoples and between nations looks like.”

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They added: “We welcome @BorisJohnson in Kyiv, the first G7 leader to arrive in Ukraine since the beginning of the large-scale war.

“We are strengthening our union of democracies.

“Be brave, like Boris.

“Be courageous, like Ukraine.”

However, the POTUS was lambasted by those on both sides of the pond for not making a similar trip.

Speaking to NBC News, National Security advisor Jake Sullivan said: “President Biden at present would not have any plans to journey to Kyiv.”

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Nile Gardiner, who worked for the Iron Lady from 2000 to 2002, said: “Real management from Boris Johnson and Great Britain on the world stage.

“You would never see Joe Biden do this.”

And even a Ukrainian MP urged Mr Biden to make the “bold move” by copying Mr Johnson’s latest journey.

Kira Rudik advised Fox News it might “really be a sign of solidarity”.

She added Mr Johnson’s look was “uplifting”, “very motivational” and burdened “everybody admires Johnson”.

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