Car tax: Expensive car fee ‘ought to be reconsidered’ as drivers are ‘stung’ with charges

Anyone purchasing a car which costs more than £40,000 are issued an extra £335 Vehicle Excise Duty charge for five years. However, experts at Motorfinity have warned this ‘expensive car tax’ is calculated based on the car’s list price which could cause confusion.

“COVID-19 restrictions have led to longer lead times in factories, and consumers don’t have a crystal ball to confidently predict if their car worth value will change.

“I believe there needs to be much more transparency and guidance from the Government to ensure customers aren’t getting stung and have all the facts to make a well-informed decision about the car that’s right for them.

“Of course, cases of inflation are unavoidable but if customers have a clear understanding of how this tax is actually calculated by the Government, and how the additional extras which don’t, at first, seem like the ‘car price’ are all factored into the overall tax, it could make all the difference.”

GOV.UK confirmed drivers must pay an additional £335 per year if their car is valued at greater than £40,000.

This exemption from the cost additionally applies to present house owners which means those that bought electrical fashions a few years in the past won’t face charges now.

The rule has been launched as one other technique to incentivise the acquisition of costly electrical vehicles as a part of the transition to eco-friendly autos.

However, plug-in hybrids are not exempt from the rule which means these patrons will nonetheless must pay the prices.

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