Campaigners calling for thousands of refunds over ‘frightening’ £5m speed camera fault

A 30mph speed restrict camera in Maybray King Way, Southampton, caught a staggering 51,049 individuals driving over the restrict between 2015 and 2017. The next-busiest camera caught solely 38,000 speeders throughout the identical three-year interval.

Although the camera may have caught real speeders, some drivers and motoring teams have demanded that refunds must be made.

They are additionally demanding that factors be faraway from licences too, with this doubtlessly having a big impact on future career prospects.

The most outraged drivers have even referred to as for refunds on speed consciousness programs and compensation to be paid for the time spent finishing them.

One commenter claimed: “This is just typical of the way the authorities are abusing their powers.

“Even when their equipment is proven to be inaccurate, they seem very slow to react or rectify the issue.

“It also doesn’t address the fact that points on your licence increases insurance premiums.

“You can be certain your insurer won’t be refunding the additional premiums imposed following notification of the prosecutions.

“I think the authorities should be forced to publish camera statistics, and also be required to recalibrate the cameras after every few convictions.

“Perhaps then, they would think twice about where they install the cameras.”

Another commenter urged: “Perhaps the speed limit on this road should be reviewed too.

“If it were higher there would be fewer incidences of speeding taking place.”

In response to the fines, a Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson stated they’ve processes in place to make sure that any incorrect prosecutions are prevented.

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