All You Need to Know about Casino Gambling in Malaysia

The South East Asian country Malaysia is known as the third-richest country in Southeast Asia, following Singapore and oil-rich Brunei who can claim a higher Gross National Product (GNP) than this multiethnic and multireligious country. Visitors and residents alike love to gamble in Malaysia, but there is plenty to discover about what casino gambling is like in Malaysia- factors like the law, religion and technology come into play when discussing casino gambling in Malaysia.

Land- Based Gambling

Gambling and games of chance are outlawed in Islam, and given that the majority of the population is Muslim, internet gambling has been deemed illegal for the bulk of the people living in the country.  However, non-Malaysians and non-Muslims are free to gamble in the country. In spite of this, gambling is not as prevalent in Malaysia as it is in other countries, such as the United States. If you’re venturing through some tourist locations you may come across casinos, although even slot machines are rare in these places. In addition, there are no gambling establishments in the nation.

The country of Malaysia has one and only one licensed casino on its territory. Founded in the 1970s, this privately run casino features a Vegas-style layout, welcoming visitors through its doors 24 hours a day. However, this casino refuses access to Muslims as the Islamic Law dictates, reflecting some of the religion-based values of the country. Besides Muslims, anybody under the age of 21 is also not allowed to walk through Malaysia’s casino doors. If you don’t fit these criteria, you can pay a visit to Malaysia’s casino. There you will find more than 400 electronic table games, 3000 slot machines, and 30 poker tables which are available for use to play.

Online Casinos

Online gambling is on the rise in Malaysia. The number of individuals who gamble online is rising as more and more people are turning to online casinos. It is unlawful to offer gambling services in Malaysia since it is a Muslim-majority country, according to Malaysian Internet Gambling Law.

These restrictions only apply to firms that are headquartered in Malaysia. What this means is that firms that are headquartered outside of Malaysia are not prohibited from providing gaming services to Malaysians. To be on the safe side it is recommended to do some research at trustworthy platforms such as the insightful guide by the experts at Basketballinsiders that have covered the most verified and secure Malaysian online casino sites available. These online casinos have plenty on offer for users; including a select variety of bonuses, free spins and ample casino games to choose from.

 Games to Play

It’s not uncommon for online casinos in Malaysia to be all-arounders. Slots-only sites do not fare well in Malaysia, although they do appear from time to time. Slots don’t carry the same relevance in Malaysia by comparison to the rest of the globe. Most online casinos in Malaysia that provide live dealer games, slots, fishing, and other casino games. There are a couple of these Malaysian played casino games listed below

Slot Games

The slot game is simple and straightforward. This is a quality which individuals across the globe tend to appreciate when describing slots. These grid-based games that feature a flavourful selection of symbols with varying payouts may impress most people, however Malaysians are not phased by slots. Malaysians generally like to go for games that require a bit more brain work. But nonetheless, you will find slot games as casinos in Malaysia- both online and in-land.

Fishing Games

This is not the kind of game that would typically be played at a casino. But Malaysian casinos do not flow with the standards of normalcy. The fishing games essentially shoot ’em ups where you fire a stream of spawning fish. You’ll lose money for every shot you take, so you’d better not miss! There are a variety of ways to win, and the more fish you shoot the better your chances of winning! By comparison to slots, this game is far more interactive and takes a certain level of skill to beat. Malaysians don’t like to play for easy gambles, and these fishing games are a definite example of the more complex manner in which casino gambling is done in Malaysia.

Black Jack

Every Malaysian-friendly online casino has at least one variation of blackjack, and the popularity of the game is reflected in the number of blackjack variants available.

It’s you vs the dealer in this straightforward card game. The games’ rules dictate that one must score as close to 21 without going over or bursting if they’re the first player. The onus is then on the dealer to defeat the player, although in the case of online blackjack at Malaysian casinos, the dealer is bound by specific laws.

To Summarise

Casino gambling in Malaysia is greatly dictated by two separate doctrines. For Muslims (who make up more than half the population), there are Sharia-governed Syariah courts, which strictly prohibit gambling. For non- Muslims on the other hand, there is the secular law, which has a more lenient stance on gambling. As it stands, you can gamble in the one casino that is established in Malaysia and you can also gamble at online casinos that are not operating in Malaysia given that it is not currently legal to have a casino site operating from Malaysia, so be sure to check out your sources if you plan on gambling in Malaysia.

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